Thames Water Contact Number: 0800 980 8800

You can contact Thames Water by calling their freephone customer service number 0800 980 8800 to pay your water bill over the phone, to provide a meter reading or to report a change of address if you are moving home but remaining in their catchment area.


Freephone Customer Service Helpline – 0800 980 8800

You can phone Thames Water on their freephone customer service number 0800 980 8800 if you need to contact a representative regarding an issue with your utility bill. For instance, if you believe that you have been over-charged for your water usage, you can contact Thames Water to query your bill amount. You can also call the Thames Water line if you are struggling to pay your water bill and would like to discuss an alternative financial plan to clear your arrears.

Similarly, you should contact Thames Water on their freephone helpline 0800 980 8800 if you are a new customer who would like to set up your supply with the provider. Once you have provided a reading, you will be able to discuss the appropriate tariff for your household. Similarly, once you have been given a quote, you can arrange the terms of your water supply payments, whether you would prefer to pay your bill annually, quarterly or via a monthly direct debit.


24-Hour Leakline – 0800 714 614

Call Thames Water on their 24-hour leak line number 0800 714 614 to report flooding in your home. Callers can also use this number to ask for a list approved plumbers in their local area before claiming any compensation with their home insurance policy. However, you should first ask how to turn off your water supply to prevent any further leakage or flooding in your home.


Thames Water Call Costs and Times

0800 numbers will always be entirely free to call from the UK, whether you are using a landline or a mobile phone. The Thames Water customer service department is available to be contacted from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm Saturday and are closed on Sundays. However, the 24-hour leak-line number is available at any time of the day.


Thames Water Phone Numbers

Thames Water Department UK Contact Number
Customer Services 0800 980 8800
Leakline 0800 714 614


Write to their Head Office

You should write to Thames Water for written complaints or to pay for a recent bill via cheque, and can do so when sending any correspondence to the following postal address: Thames Water, Clearwater Court, Vastern Rd, Reading, RG1 8DB, United Kingdom.